What is a Squishirumi? Easy Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

What’s a Squishirumi? Simple! It’s a type of easy Amigurumi pattern based on the Squishimo! Don’t know what that is? Check out this post about the Squishimo!

The Squishirumi started when my Grandma commissioned a Bee amigurumi from me. (read more about Beatrice the Bee!)

That commission ended up with me releasing the pattern for Beatrice the Bee, whose shape was based on the Squishimo. Then some of my friends suggested I do more of them! I actually loved the idea, and now I have nearly three books worth of patterns all planned out, and several ready to go! This page will be an ongoing record of all my Squishirumi patterns, so make sure to check back often, as I plan to keep on making these guys!

Squishirumi Patterns

This is an ongoing list of all my Squishirumi! (easy amigurumi pattern) Make sure to check back often to see all my latest ones!

Woodland Amigurumi Collection:

The Woodland Amigurumi Pattern Collection is divided into two parts, Book 1 and Book 2. These will each have 6 Squishirumi patterns! The release dates are as follows, and I will be linking them up after each:

Book 1: Buy the Woodland Amigurumi Pattern eBook #1 here!

Book 2: Buy the Woodland Amigurumi Pattern eBook #2 here!

Book 1:

Finnick the Fox:

As sneaky as the rest of his kind, Finnick the Fox is a mischievous little bugger!

He’s always got his paws in something that doesn’t belong to him, but you can’t really blame him for it, he is a fox, after all!

Thankfully, he does manage to curb his appetite around his friends, though Brook sometimes introduces herself as a snack in his daydreams…

He perseveres though, cause Ruben would smash him flat if he so much as touched Brook!

Brook the Bunny:

Brook’s momma named her for the lovely stream that runs by their burrow. Not the most creative, but she had eaten a few mushrooms earlier that day, and wasn’t feeling great..

Brook and her twin brother Creek get into all sorts of mischief!

(the mushrooms were very bad indeed…)

These little bunnies are curious (but also timid) so they go back and forth to decide who checks out the green floppy thing on the streambank!

(if was Fitz, in case you’re wondering)

Beatrice the Bee:

Beatrice, or “Bea”, is a reckless little thing!

(heavens, do NOT call her by her full name!)

She answers to no one but herself and does as she pleases. Which, as you can imagine, does cause some slight issues with the other woodland creatures!

For instance, she thought she’d take a nap nestled in some rotted bark in an old tree, then was rudely awakened by Benjamin gnawing it down!

Let’s just say poor Ben walked away from that encounter with a sore nose…

Benjamin the Beaver:

Benjamin is a happy little guy, always whistling away while whittling away with his teeth.

(it’s very hard to do! You give it a try!)

He’s happy living all by himself, though he does see a lady beaver in his future… But for now, he’s content with his day-to-day grind improving his lodge and dam.

Benjamin does have one tiny flaw… He’s a perfectionist. In other words, until some young lady beaver comes into his life by chance (or his friends play matchmaker!), he’ll never think his home is good enough to settle down!!

Olive the Owl:

Olive’s silent wings and loud voice make for a jump scare when she tries to strike up a conversation!

She’s very talkative and friendly though, so once you get over the fright, she is very pleasant to talk to!

In the daytime that is… All creatures need to eat, and while I’d love to say Olive is a vegetarian that just wouldn’t be true. Her friends know to stay out of her way, however, so no mishaps yet! There have been several close calls with Marvin, the poor little mouse!

Ruben the Raccoon:

Ruben is a kind old ‘coon, unlike the rest of his kind!

Once a few months ago, Ruben got snared in a net snare set by hunters! He was very tired that day and hadn’t noticed the snare until it was too late.

He had been waddling down to the stream for a drink, and his spot is quite near Brook’s family’s burrow. Brook and Creek were playing outside when they heard the snare spring. They were able to gnaw the net off of Ruben, and he will forever be protective of the little bunnies!

Book 2:

Dabio the Duck:

Dabio is recently hatched, but his character was quite apparent very soon after he broke through his shell!

He’s cute and fluffy, yes, but he’s quite the drill sergeant! He marches around on peeping like mad as if he’s smoking all his siblings for blowing up the mess hall!!

(technically they did, but that’s another story)

His parents love him dearly, but sometimes they wish he’d run off for a few hours to give them some peace!

Marvin the Mouse:

Marvin is not a timid thing, he’ll run right under your feet with no sign of fear! The houses butted up to the woods are SICK of him! To the point where he rarely goes in them anymore because of all the poison and traps…

So now he’s a bit more of a country mouse, chatting it up with the other woodland creatures (except Olive… She’s the one thing that DOES scare him!).

Marvin has an interesting relationship with Wendle… Let’s just say he waits to talk to him until AFTER Wendle has had a good meal!

Fitz the Frog:

Fitz is the jester of the woodland, this hoppy little dude laughs his croaky tune all night long!

The frog has lived in the creek near the bunny family’s burrow for his entire life, the shallows and connecting pond the perfect place for his kind.

Fitz has made a friend in nearly every creature of the woodlands, even the ones who could snap him up in a second. They all enjoy his jokes and riddles, and the woods would be a lot less happy without the joyful little frog!

Regina the Reindeer:

Regina appears to be a majestic, unsociable (but beautiful) creature at first glance, but once you get talking to her you realize she’s one of the funniest, nicest animals in the woodland!

Regina is the queen of the woods, and holds court for the other creatures each week, and is very fair.

No one dares to cross her, as when she’s upset she can be quite fierce! Being bigger than most of the other creatures and having sharp antlers to throw baddies with definitely helps ramp up the fear factor!

Hannah the Hedgehog:

Hedgehogs are arguably the cutest li’l creatures ever, and Hannah is no exception!

(do not look up a picture unless you’re ready to get one!)

Running for miles each night for her food, Hannah is always on the move! She’ll curl into a ball and huff at anyone who threatens her, and they’ll get a face full of spines!

Hannah usually keeps to herself, waddling around on the forest floor, but she occasionally has a chat with Fitz, as he is quite the pleasurable socializer.

Wendle the Wolf:

Wendle is your average wolf, except he’s a bit of a runt. Because of this, he socializes less than other wolves and is often on his own. Poor pup.

While this is dangerous, Wendle is careful and well prepared for anything that comes his way!

The only woodland creature brave (or foolish) enough to come near Wendle is Marvin! The mouse is surprisingly good company and has many stories to tell, so he’s quite safe around our wolf friend.

Wendle loves stories, and hearing about life outside the woods is quite exciting!

Farmyard Amigurumi eBook:

The Farmyard Amigurumi pattern eBook is yet to get a release date, but will be next after the Faery Forest book! (Faery Forest is not a squishirumi book)

Penny the Pig:

Penny is a zoomie little porker!!
She’s got tons of energy and is often seen running circles around the other pigs on the farm.

She’s also very chatty, and she’ll talk your ear off if you’re not careful! She loves hanging around her pig pals, even if they are a bit boring…

She’s like an ADHD preteen with way too much energy!

To be continued!! Check out some other patterns/posts while you wait!


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