Hi! I’m Caleb!

Hi! I’m Caleb! I’m a young guy with a passion for using big yarns! I mostly make amigurumi, but I love making home decor – like pillows – and wearables! I don’t like making blankets, but my favorite yarn is Bernat Blanket Yarn!

I provide clean and simple chunky yarn crochet patterns, and blog posts that help YOU get the most out of your crochet! Whether that’s saving money on yarn, trying new types of crochet, or even selling your crochet to make money, I’m sure to have something that’ll help you on your crochet journey!

I started crocheting way back in 2015 when a friend from church urged me to try picking up a hook and taught me the basics. I’ve built on that, and am now an accomplished crocheter!

Also, I have finally succeeded in getting her to pick back up her hook (and needles!) again!

I started Crafting at the Poole so I could fix the lack of simple super bulky and jumbo crochet patterns that aren’t blankets! I love to teach others to crochet, and I hope to release crocheting courses in the future! 

I enjoy walking in the rain, baking cakes, and writing.

I live in Newberg, Oregon, where there are plenty of opportunities for rainy walks!

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