Benjamin the Beaver Amigurumi Free Beginner Crochet Tutorial

Benjamin the Beaver Amigurumi Free Beginner Crochet Tutorial

Introducing, Benjamin the Beaver Amigurumi!
Benjamin is the second pattern in the Woodland Amigurumi Collection, well, at least in the easy amigurumi tutorial videos I’m doing on them!

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Benjamin is actually the FOURTH pattern in the Collection! You can go check out all of the other Squishirumi HERE!

(And yes, that post does explain what a Squishirumi is too!)

Benjamin is a part of the Woodland Amigurumi eBook #1! You’ll be able to grab it HERE after March 28th, which is the set launch date!!

Let’s get into introducing Benjamin!

Benjamin the Beaver

Benjamin is a happy little guy, always whistling away while whittling away with his teeth.

(it’s very hard to do! You give it a try!)

He’s happy living all by himself, though he does see a lady beaver in his future… But for now, he’s content with his day-to-day grind improving his lodge and dam.

Benjamin does have one tiny flaw… He’s a perfectionist. In other words, until some young lady beaver comes into his life by chance (or his friends play matchmaker!), he’ll never think his home is good enough to settle down!!

Woodland Amigurumi eBook 1

Not my best ami story, but it ain’t bad either, right? Or am I just deluding myself…

Benjamin was much harder to design than the others! His tail and ears threw me for a loop for a good long while… But I was finally able to come up with something decent!


I don’t even know anymore, I spent WAY too much time on him, so now he just looks kind of all around ugly to me! XD

The Squishirumi Body Dilemma

I love my Squishirumi, but making their bodies once or twice apiece is REALLY taking it out on my wrists! Thankfully I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, so that should help… But I’ve now enlisted the help of Sarah! You all know her, she’s basically my model and is also a pretty good designer!

She’s also my younger sister, therefore a Poole, so adding her to Crafting at the Poole wouldn’t be too hard! Just have to switch some legal stuff around… Probably.

For now, she’s kinda my contract crocheter! You see, every time I make a Squishirumi, I have to make a body. And I can’t always make a video for my YouTube at the same time. WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE BODY!!

It’s not fun. But we’re trying something new! Sarah will be making a body for the YouTube tutorials, so I can focus on high-quality videos, and not so much trying to spare my hands.

Wish us luck, and make sure you’re subscribed, we’ve got lots of easy amigurumi tutorial videos coming!!

Benjamin the Beaver Free Easy Amigurumi Tutorial Video

Without further ado, here’s the video tutorial! The video tutorial is the only thing that’s free, I’m afraid. But if you would like to purchase an ad-free Premium PDF copy of the pattern with lots of tutorial photos, you can get it from my Ravelry, Etsy, or here on the Blog Shop!

Hope you enjoy Benjamin the Beaver, and stay tuned for the next ami pattern next week!!

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