What’s A Squishimo? Why Should I Make One? Free Crochet Stress Ball Pattern

a picture of three ellipse shaped stress balls (called squishimos) side by side that have large, black eyes and are made from a soft chenille yarn.

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Ahhh, the Squishimo! My very first pattern, and a super cute crochet stress ball!

This one brings up fond memories, but also some sadness. I’ll explain that in a second.

But first, let me tell you how to get a FREE copy of my Squishimo PDF pattern!

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And if written patterns aren’t your thing, then you can watch the video tutorial below!

Ok, now on to the story!

How the Squishimo Began

Little known fact about me: I was a teacher!

Now before you go and think I mean school teacher, I mean an AWANAS teacher, like a weekly VBS.

If you don’t understand what either of those things is, don’t sweat it. It just means I helped some young kids memorize their Bible verses each week.

At the end of the school year, I decided I wanted to give each of my students a gift. Now, making a gift for 20 kids is no easy task! I knew it needed to be something small and didn’t want to go the route of buying some bulk toys on Amazon either!

Quick and small… Like a cute little amigurumi!

And made with Bernat Blanket yarn, obviously!

That, folks, is how my little crochet stress ball came to be, but the sadness I mentioned earlier? I forgot to give one to my senior leader! (I was a junior leader, pretty much goes without saying since I’m only 18 at the time of writing this and this was a few years ago.) It makes me feel really bad when I think of it, and I have no way to give her one now because her phone number didn’t transfer over to my new phone!

Ugh. I’m sure she wouldn’t really care, but it still makes me feel bad.

What do you do with these crochet stress balls? And what’s a Squishirumi?

Ok, this should REALLY go without saying, but you throw them at the people who stress you out!

Nah, just kidding. Though I sometimes do use them that way…

They’re just cute little amigurumi, stress balls with eyes, or “eggs with eyes” as one kid called them at one of my craft shows! I think it was hilarious.

You can squish them, throw them, make Giant ones by using Bernat Blanket Big and adding an increase round and two extra repeat rounds, give them to kids as a sensory or fidget toy, or even use them as a Special Needs teacher! One of my friend’s mom is a SE teacher, and she thought the Squishimos were the greatest! Because nothing will get damaged and no one gets hurt if a kid chucks it!

Now, a Squishirumi is a Squishimo based amigurumi! You can read more about them HERE!

That’s all for today, folks, see you next time, and I hope you enjoyed this little origin story!


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