Beatrice the Bee Amigurumi Easy Beginner Crochet Pattern

Beatrice the Bee Amigurumi Easy Beginner Crochet Pattern

Introducing, Bea the Bee Amigurumi!

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Beatrice the Bee was actually the very first in the Woodland Amigurumi Collection, and started the whole thing! Speaking of which, the Woodland Amigurumi eBook 1 will be coming out SUPER soon!

You’ll be able to grab it HERE after March 28th, which is the set launch date!!

Back to Bea! Just like all my other amigurumi, she has her own story, so here you go:

Beatrice, or “Bea”, is a reckless little thing!

(heavens, do NOT call her by her full name!)

She answers to no one but herself and does as she pleases. Which, as you can imagine, does cause some slight issues with the other woodland creatures!

For instance, she thought she’d take a nap nestled in some rotted bark in an old tree, then was rudely awakened by Benjamin gnawing it down!

Let’s just say poor Ben walked away from that encounter with a sore nose…

Woodland Amigurumi eBook 1

Ok, ok, it’s a little cheesy, but then again so is most of my writing! Sometimes the stories just flow, and sometimes it actually takes a day or two… For real. Marvin took the longest so far, but Brook is a close second!

The First Bee Amigurumi

You see those bee amigurumi all over Pinterest, right? The big cute fuzzy ones? Well, my grandma commissioned one from me, and I said yes! (who can say no to Grandma!? Not me, heh.)

But I didn’t like any of the patterns I saw, they weren’t quite my taste… Then I remembered I’m a designer and this is what I do for a living. (facepalm)

Actually, it only took me about half an hour to get the very first bee the way I wanted it! No, you probably won’t get the same for the reason the original was a little smaller than the final bee amigurumi…

a fuzzy black and yellow crochet bee with very small white wings
The very first bee!

But Grandma loves it!! I actually wouldn’t let her pay for it, since it was her birthday and honestly, while I like making money for crocheting, I’d rather people supported me in other ways as I illustrate here… (post coming soon)

Getting commissions isn’t my thing. I’ve made several of these slippers to sell to friends and family (including Grandma, actually! She LOVES them!) and while I made some money from the slippers, it felt kinda wrong… But that’s a whole other blog post! (I’ll write it soon and link it here, it’s going to be how I started using Bernat Blanket Yarn!)

The first bee was done, I snapped a pic, gave it to grandma, and DIDN’T WRITE OUT THE PATTERN! Again. GEEZ, CALEB, STOP IT!!

The Final Beatrice

Yeah, I’m not the best at writing stuff down… This means that I actually finished writing Finnick the Fox and Brook the Bunny before I even sat down to write out Bea. BUT the annoying thing was, the photo I snapped? It disappeared!!! YEAH, I had to completely start over!

I asked grandma to snap another pic for me and then I realized that I kinda messed up and made Finnick and Brook much bigger than the original bee… And now that I had decided that the Squishirumi (what I’m calling the Squishimo based amis) would all have the same base body (video here) that I would need to completely rework the bee amigurumi. Oops. The video below is how to make the body base for all the amigurumi, but I’ll be adding the Beatrice tutorial video soon!

The Video Tutorial

Hey, are you more of a video tutorial person? If so you can watch the easy video tutorial below! I hope you enjoy it! You’ll also need the body tutorial, so I’ve embedded that too!

And now we’re left with our precious Bea! If you want to grab a copy of the pattern, it’s right over in my Etsy Shop, Ravelry Shop, or here on the Blog Shop!

Now I’ve probably left a ton of loose ends, and created a ton of blog posts to write soon, but I’ll leave it at that for now! If you haven’t already, go check out the other Woodland Amigurumi!!

Bye till next time! -Caleb


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