Beatrice the Bee Amigurumi Crochet Pattern




Beatrice the Bee Amigurumi is a super fast and easy Bumble Bee pattern! She’s super cute and fuzzy, and fast to make! She’s crocheted in Bernat Blanket yarn, so is a soft and squishy stuffed animal!

She started as a birthday gift for my Grandma, but ended up inspiring the Squishirumi! (Squishimo based Amigurumi)

She was the first in the Woodland Amigurumi Collection, and will be included in the first Woodland Amigurumi eBook!

Beatrice the Bee amigurumi only takes about two hours to make, and there will soon be a video tutorial on my YouTube Channel!

You can already find the basic Squishirumi Body Base video tutorial there as well!




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