Dabio the Duckling Crochet Pattern + Easy Video Tutorial

Dabio the Duckling Crochet Pattern + Easy Video Tutorial

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Dabio is my new duckling crochet pattern! I mean, have you ever seen a cuter duck amigurumi!?

Hey everyone! It’s Caleb, and I’m back with another easy amigurumi pattern for ya! The Woodland Amigurumi Collection is going strong, and as spring is here, I thought I’d release Dabio the Duck today for ya!

I know it’s a little late for Easter, but ducklings are good for all spring and summer long, right? I hope you enjoy him!

Dabio is the first pattern in my second Woodland Amigurumi eBook! (that should be released in a month or two!) If you haven’t seen my first one, go check it out now!

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About the Duckling Crochet Pattern

Dabio was honestly the most fun to design out of all my patterns so far! (except maybe Sylvester the Oyster) Messing around with his little head feathers was super fun! I’ve had this skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn in Butter for a couple of years, but haven’t ever had anything to do with it! This duckling crochet pattern was the perfect choice, as he turned out amazing.

I hope you’ll make one for someone who will really love him! Whether that be someone else or you. 😉

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Are you more of a video tutorial kind of person? I’ve embedded the YouTube Tutorial I made for Dabio below, as well as the body base video. You’ll need one body in Butter or your color of choice!

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Dabio the Duck is available for the next 24 hours for half off! This is his introductory price, thanks to Cosie Rosie UK! Click the button below to fetch the coupon code!

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