Sylvester the Oyster Free Crochet Pattern | Under the Sea Collection

Sylvester the Oyster Free Crochet Pattern | Under the Sea Collection

Meet Sylvester the Oyster. He has a lisp!

A lot of the sea creatures call him “Sylvester the Jester”. He’s cheery, funny, and sure to make you giggle!

Sylvester spends most of his time sitting in one place, but the other sea creatures come to visit him when they’re feeling blue. (Cecil seems to visit the most often…) They know he can cheer them right up!

They all appreciate Sylvester as a friend, and he loves making everyone happy!

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Sylvester the Oyster Pattern


  • 20 yards of Bernat Blanket Yarn. I used Pale Grey and a scrap of Racecar Red
  • Size K/10½/6.5mm. crochet hook or whatever size you need to obtain gauge.
  • Yarn/Tapestry needle
  • 2-10mm. safety eyes

Gauge: With suggested yarn and hook, 13 sc by 12 rows= 4″x 4″


  • Stitch counts are listed in parentheses at the end of each row.
  • Sylvester is made in three pieces; two shells and his tongue.
  • Make sure to pay close attention, as this pattern requires some attention to detail!
  • Ch 2 is not counted as a st.

Abbreviations and Stitch Library:

Sl St: slip stitch- insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.

Sc: single crochet- YT Tutorial

Sc2tog: single crochet decrease – Insert hook into first st, yarn over and pull up a loop, repeat for second st, yarn over an pull through all loops on hook.

Hdc: half double crochet- YT Tutorial

Dc: double crochet- YT Tutorial

Dc2tog: double crochet two together- YT Tutorial

FPDC and BPDC: Front post double crochet and back post double crochet- YT Tutorial (video is for triple crochet, but same technique applies.)

FPTC and BPTC: front post triple crochet and back post triple crochet- YT Tutorial

RSM: running stitch marker – YT Tutorial

Magic Ring: YT Tutorial

Join: Pull hook out of working loop, and insert back to front through both loops of 1st st. Insert hook back into working loop, and pull loop through st

St(s): stitch(es)

Ch(s): chain(s)

Inc: increase – 2 sts worked in the same st

Sk: skip

Rnd(s): round(s)



Make 2:

Row 1: Ch 2, sc 3 in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2 and turn. (3 sts)

Row 2: 3 dc in first st, and 2 dc in each of next 2 sts, ch 2 and turn. (7 sts)

Row 3: Dc, FPDC around next st, dc in next st, (FPDC, dc, FPDC) in next st, dc in top of next dc from row 2, FPDC around next st, dc in top of last dc from previous row, ch 2, turn. (9 sts)

Row 4: Dc, [BPDC around next st, dc in next st] x 4, ch 2 and turn. (9 sts)

Row 5: Dc, [FPDC round next st, dc in next st] x 4, do NOT ch, turn. (9 sts)

Row 6: Sl st in each dc and sc in top of each post. Ch 1, sc down the side, 3 sc in the starter ch, sc back up the opposite side and sl st into first st of this row. Ch 1 and fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.


Ch 5, sl st in second ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1 and fasten off leaving long tail for sewing. Sew on tongue as shown in photos.


Hold the shell wrong side together (the flat sides) and using one of the tails, sew the matching sc’s from the last row (not the ones alternating with sl sts) together. See photos below.

Place safety eyes as shown in main photo. Weave in ends.

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