The Under the Sea Collection and eBook (and how to get it discounted!)

The Under the Sea Collection and eBook (and how to get it discounted!)

The Under the Sea collection and eBook are here!!

You guys, I am SO excited to finally get to show this to you! Only my email subscribers know about it thus far! (and I’ll talk about that more in a bit.😉)

The Under the Sea collection has been a big project of mine for a few months now, a lot of you have probably seen some of them on my social media!

There are six designs: Krystal the Crab, Sammy the Starfish, Sylvester the Oyster, Jane the Jellyfish, Cecil the Clownfish, and Tucker the Turtle. Look at these!!

These guys are SO CUTE!! You could even add eyes to Jane and Sammy, but I chose not to for the book.
Oh, yeah! The BOOK! This is so cool, I spent (what, 15 hours?) formatting these patterns into a beautiful eBook for y’all! It was REALLY hard, but was all worth it if you like it! (plus will make it easier for the next books… Coming Soon! Here!)

The book has all six patterns, a stitch library with video tutorial links, and each creature has its own story! (THOSE were really fun to write!)

If you’re interested, you can find the book here for $9.99, but if that’s a bit too steep for ya (that’s more than 50% off.) you could always join my email list and get it for $5.95… 😁


My VIPs (subscribers) get first dibs on things like this, and get them for a lower price than everyone else! Now, to be fair, anyone can join and then leave, I just ask that you give me a chance before you hit unsubscribe, fair?

You can sign up below, and it’ll redirect you to a page where you can get the eBook for $5.95! Which is literally 75% off… Enjoy!


If you don’t want to sign up for my email list, that’s fine! You can go ahead and just pay $9.99 for this book, and see all my new releases along with everyone else…But I promise you’ll be missing out. I have LOTS of new stuff happening before 2021 comes along!

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