Sammy the Starfish Crochet Pattern | Christmas Gift Ideas Blog Hop

Sammy the Starfish Crochet Pattern | Christmas Gift Ideas Blog Hop

Sammy the Starfish Crochet Pattern is here!

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The Christmas Gift Ideas Blog Hop is hosted by Fosbas Designs! (this is now over for this year!)

Susanna is an amazing designer, and you have to love her work! She is working hard to bring you this awesome collection of Christmas gift ideas! Go see the roundup HERE! My starfish crochet pattern is in there!!

Sammy the Starfish Crochet Pattern

“Sammy sits on the ocean floor, munching on mussels and crawling across the rocks, always on the lookout for a good time!

He and his friend Krystal get into all sorts of mischief together, but it’s usually Sammy with all the crazy ideas. For someone who can’t move very fast, he sure is quite the daredevil!

He’s currently contemplating trying to hitch a ride on Cecil, but he’d have to do it when Krystal isn’t around… She’s trying to befriend the little fish, but Sammy doesn’t think he’ll be warming up to her very soon!”

Designing Sammy was a VERY interesting ordeal! For the first time, I did everything in my head before actually crocheting, and that meant I only needed to make him twice! Once to check my design, and once for pictures for the pattern!

Usually it takes several times to get a pattern right, so this was a really nice surprise! You can purchase the pattern for Sammy here on Ravelry!

Sammy Starfish and his pals are quite the crew and if you’re interested you can find all of them in the Under the Sea ebook! I have all six patterns in an easy-to-read format with a stitch library and lots of pictures!

Plus, each creature has its own story! Learn more here.

If you want to see all of the designs in the Under the Sea collection, then click here!


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