33 Amazing Crochet Pumpkin Patterns to make for Spoopy Season!

33 Amazing Crochet Pumpkin Patterns to make for Spoopy Season!

Spoopy season is almost upon us! Some would argue that it already is, but we ain’t going into that. 😉 While opinions about the holidays this time of year may differ, most of us can agree on one thing: Pumpkins are AWESOME! (and delicious!) Since crochet is my craft of choice, I’ll be hooking up some of these cuties to put on my desk, and I hope y’all will find some you want to make right away! Have a scroll through this list of 33 Amazing Crochet Pumpkin Patterns and find your holiday jam!

Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Amigurumi is for sure my jam, so we’ll do them first! Here’s an extensive list of some of the best pumpkin amigurumi patterns around the web!

Plushie Pumpkins from Crafty Kitty Crochet (Free)

Melissa from Crafty Kitty Crochet is a wizard when it comes to cute plushies! She always takes the most beautiful photos, and making this amigurumi pumpkin pattern of hers is sure to be an absolute joy!

The Plushie Pumpkins have two different sizes, and can be made in just about any yarn you’d like! Which technically makes infinite sizes you can make… Ha!

Click the button below to check out Melissa’s beautiful pumpkin pattern, did I mention it’s free!?

Halloween Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern (Paid)

This super spoopy little baby rattle from My Fingers Fly is a must make for all y’all with a baby who love photoshoots! She has more photos, including a babyshoot pic!

This pattern is an easy one, and can be made from any scrap yarn you’ve got in the right colors. I may not have any really little ones in my life, but I hope you who do will give this pattern a shot!

This is a Premium pattern, $2.99.

Plush Pumpkin Stack from Flo’s Crafty Crochet (Free)

This free Plush Pumpkin Stack pattern makes three beautiful pumpkins, that you can either display in a stack, or side by side!

This is a free pattern on Flo’s Crafty Crochet and even suggests using Bernat Blanket yarn, my fav! Go give this pattern a go, you won’t regret it!

Little Pumpkins by Flo’s Crafty Crochet (Paid)

This premium pattern, again from Flo’s Crafty Crochet, is a set of super cute mini pumpkins! It uses worsted weight yarn, and is only $2.45!

They are a great starter amigurumi, and make a great decor piece! Click the button below to go to Flo’s Ravelry listing!

If you’re enjoying these crochet pumpkin patterns so far, make sure to share this post on your socials! Thank you!

Tunisian Crochet Ribbed Pumpkin from Raffamusa Designs (Free)

The Tunisian Crochet Ribbed Pumpkin or Delicata Pumpkin pattern is a super clear tunisian crochet pumpkin pattern from Raffamusa Designs! Raffaella has given us an exquisite pattern here, and it’s so versatile! It’s completely free, and super easy to follow. Go check it out!

Autumn Fair Pumpkin Pattern from Pine Tree Crochet (Free)

This Autumn Fair Crochet Pumpkin Pattern is truly gorgeous! Just look at the texture the griddle stitch gives these pumpkins! This pattern is for sure going to be a fun one to crochet!

This pattern is free over on Pine Tree Crochet, just click the button to go check it out!

Bat Pumpkin Crochet Pattern from Crafty Crochet Castle (Free)

Yay, a video tutorial! This amigurumi pumpkin is pure genius, just like the next one! They are both by Jenila from Crafty Castle Crochet (go subscribe to her channel!) and are SUPER CUTE!!

A bat pumpkin? Nothing gets more spoopy than that! Go watch the video, and make yourself a bat buddy for this holiday season!

Cat Pumpkin Crochet Pattern from Crafty Crochet Castle (Paid)

This other pattern from Jenila is also so cute! A cat pumpkin to go with your little bat buddy, eh? It’s a paid pattern on Ravelry, but is only $1.85, so go snatch it up for your collection!

Creepy Eyeballs Crochet Pumpkin Patterns (Paid)

Ooh, finally a creepy one! These Creepy Eye Pumpkins look like lots of fun to weird out your neighbors, or maybe start a spook war! They only take about two hours to make, and the pattern is $4.98 on Etsy!

Amigurumi Pumpkin Patch Dolls by Cottontail & Whiskers (Paid)

Pumpkin Patch Amigurumi Pumpkin Crochet Patterns by Cottontail and Whiskers

Woah, these pumpkins are uber spoopy! I don’t know about you, but these guys look awesome! Can you imagine someone walking up to your front door, looking around, and then hitting their head on the ceiling in fright? HA!

This is a three pattern bundle, and is on sale right now for $13.00 on Cottontail and Whiskers!

Woodland Pumpkin Pattern from The Loophole Fox (Free)

Yay, another free pattern! And this one is for even moss stitch pumpkins! Another amazing texture choice for a pumpkin, and they look so sweet. I hope you make a TON of these, the pattern is free over on The Loophole Fox!

Popcorn Pumpkin Pattern from CBFiberworks (Free)

This Popcorn Pumpkin pattern is so unique! That texture looks like it’d make a great sensory toy for your littles! This is an easy free pattern from CBFiberworks, click the button below to go check it out!

Granite Gourd Pattern from FigandFilament (Paid)

You’d imagine a pumpkin with a name like this to feel like a ton of bricks! However, this clever pattern is simply made with an intriguing stitch pattern.

Bethany from FigandFilament has designed this premium pattern to have eighteen different sizes! This pattern is $5.00 over on Ravelry and Threadfolio, and is also a part of a MAL with the next pattern!

Gourdgeous Knits’ Pumpkin Patterns (Paid)

While technically, this pattern isn’t crocheted, it’s a part of a MAL with the Granite Gourds, so it gets a special mention! For all you bistitual people out there, here are the Gourdgeous Knits’ Pumpkins!

Country Boho Pumpkin Pattern (Paid)

These rustic pumpkins make the perfect decor centerpiece! They look so good together, and you could make them in a color matching your living room! This is a premium pattern from KjrbStitchingCorner on Etsy, and the size is fully customizable!

Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

Nicky from Avery Lane Creations has graciously given us this amazing free pattern! Avery’s pattern is absolutely beautiful, the stitch pattern makes the need for cinching the sections of the pumpkin completely unnecessary! This is an easy to follow free pattern with lots of clear photos, go check it out!

Cinderello Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

Veronica over at Garnknuten brings us this Disney-esque pumpkin pattern, and guess what? It’s free and in both Swedish and English! It’s also available as a paid ad-free pattern in a bundle with two other pumpkin patterns.

Tiny Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

This little pumpkin pattern is SO DARN CUTE! It’s a short and sweet little free pattern, and definitely worth the ten minutes or so it’ll take to make! This would even make a cute Christmas ornament, am I right? Go check this out over on Make Me Roar!

T-Shirt Yarn Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

Woah. I am thoroughly stunned by this image.


Whining aside, this pumpkin is quite genius! I’m a huge fan of t-shirt yarn, and this is a great use for it! Making home decor is a great way to repurpose those old t-shirts and make some great stuff without spending any more money! Check out this free pattern over at KnitznPurlz!

Wide Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

This quick free pattern from CraftingEachDay is a great stash buster! It’s super hard to find ways to use small balls of super bulky yarn, but these little pumpkins are perfect! Check it out!

Cozy Bobble Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

Erin from Juniper+Oakes designed these super cool bobble pumpkins! They are quite unique, I honestly haven’t seen any other pumpkin patterns even similar. This pattern was actually in Made with a Twist’s 30 Days of Cozy along with my Pinetown Pillow pattern!

Go and check the pumpkin pattern out, it is free!

Cozy Alpine Pumpkin Pattern (Free)

Erin from Juniper+Oakes designed these alpine pumpkins too! She even has a video tutorial for the stitch, if you get stuck. This is another free pattern, but she does sell an ad-free PDF copy in her shops!

Gourd-geous Pumpkins Pattern (Free)

Go check out this free pattern by Lisa from Green Fox Farms Designs! This is our last pumpkin amigurumi for today, and it’s a great one to finish up! These pumpkins are simple, yet perfect. I hope you’re not sick of pumpkins yet, because we’ve got even more patterns!

Home Decor Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Rustic Crochet Pumpkin Garland Pattern (Free)

This pumpkin garland is such a cute decor idea! Nikki from the Knotted Nest has LOTS more garland patterns like this if you love it! She’s got a full photo tutorial for this pattern, and that’s free too! Go check it all out!

Pumpkin Treat Cup Pattern (Free)

Oh, just imagine celebrating Halloween this year by leaving these super cute pumpkin cups on the breakfast table for the kids/grandkids! It’d be like Christmas morning, but with more candy, lol.

Tonya from Nana’s Crafty Home has this pumpkin cup along with a black cat one free on her blog, go check it out and maybe make one! (or ten!)

Crochet Pumpkin Pots Pattern (Free)

More pumpkin storage! This pattern is just like a real pumpkin, and is a great way to hide your candy stash from pesky kids or your SO! It’s free over on Hooked on Patterns!

Halloween Pumpkin Bunting Pattern (Free)

Hey, look! Some 2D pumpkins! This clever bunting pattern is free from Memory Lane Crochet and is sure to spice up your living room for the fall!

Crochet Pumpkin Appliques Pattern (Free)

These super fast and versatile pumpkin appliques are ready to go on anything you may wish to pumpkinify! Raffaellla from Raffamusa Designs has brought us this awesome little scrap buster in multiple sizes for your decorating pleasure!

Crochet Pumpkin Coasters Pattern (Free)

Look at these cute little coasters! They’d make a great addition to any fall dinner you may have, and are great to throw down on your coffee table for guests!

Bobble Crochet Pumpkin Pillow Pattern (Free)

This adorable pillow is a must have decor piece for this fall! Can you imagine cuddling up with a book with this pillow, running your hand across that fabulous texture!? Bliss!

Striped Pumpkin Halloween Pillow Pattern (Free)

You thought the last pillow was bobbly? Check out THIS one! It’s super spoopy, and is definitely my favorite fall pillow pattern I’ve seen! I don’t know if my wrists could handle all the bobbles, but I might try! Jennifer from Chain 8 Designs has both this pattern and many similar on her blog for free!

Pumpkin Earring Crochet Patterns

Pumpkin Pie Earrings Pattern (Free)

While it may be buried in a wonderful blog post about her London trip, Lisa shares with us this gem of a pattern over on MyFingersFly! These pumpkin pie earrings are a great statement “pie”ce, and should fit with any fall outfit!

Puff This Way Pumpkin Earrings Pattern (Paid)

This is the last pattern for today, but most DEFINITELY not the least! This pattern is the Puff This Way Pumpkin earrings from our very own Earring Queen, Amber from Amber Bliss This! This beautiful pattern is a paid pattern over on Ravelry, but will be worth every penny I assure you!

(BONUS!) Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern (Paid)

Okay, okay, I did say the last one was it for today, but here’s a last-minute pumpkin hat pattern by Kristine from Ambassador Crochet! It’s just so adorable, and she even has a free Pumpkin Leaf pattern you can add to it! Go check it out!

That’s the end of the crochet pumpkin patterns I have for you today! I sincerely hope you found a few to interest you, and I’ll see y’all next week for my latest pattern! Keep on Crocheting!


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