Bronto the No-Sew Dino Pattern | (Amazing!) Amigurumi Pattern Review

Bronto the No-Sew Dino Pattern | (Amazing!) Amigurumi Pattern Review

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Dino pattern for the win!

My oldest friend (known her the longest, not age!) just got married this past weekend, and I decided to make her and her husband some cute amigurumi they could use for decor (or give to their kids whenever they come along 😜) as a wedding gift.

They both love blue, and lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with crocheting dinos! Obviously, I made them a pair of blue dinosaurs… Heh.

My own dino patterns are nowhere near finished yet and are way too big for me to make two of, as my wrists are not doing well as of late… (If you’ve been around here a while, you know I wear compression gloves while I crochet to keep the pain at bay. Welp, sad to say, they stopped working!)

So of course, TO ETSY!!

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of following other peoples’ patterns. However, the pattern I found is AMAZING and I loved every minute of crocheting these little dinos!

Bronto the No-Sew Dino Pattern:

Bronto the No-Sew Dino amigurumi by Melanie from KnotTooShabbyCrochet is a high-quality, beautifully structured pattern.

The way Melanie designed him is so genius!! He truly is completely no-sew, I didn’t even need my yarn needle for weaving in ends! And of course, most of us really don’t like that part of crochet. I have heard some people find it therapeutic though. Not me, I HATE it! I have a blanket in my living room with a few hundred loose ends to weave in, and it’s been that way for about 4 years or longer! Ha, how’s that for procrastination?

But I digress, back to Bronto!

I was expecting to have to change some things, but I obviously need to start setting my expectations MUCH higher. Melanie’s pattern is flawless, and I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity in her writing. It was so easy to just run through all the steps, and everything is very clearly outlined.

(I did change one little thing, I decided to change the feet just a bit, but only because I wanted them to still stand up with the Bernat Blanket Yarn I used.)

This pattern is full of gorgeous photos, and I don’t know where she got her background, but I want one like it! Her graphics are easy to read and make following the pattern very straightforward.

I will most definitely be making more of Bronto! I must say I fully recommend this pattern to anyone who is looking for a fast, cute, and of course no-sew, dino pattern.

If you want to buy a copy of Melanie’s pattern for yourself, click the button below to go straight to the Etsy listing! Make sure to check out some of her other patterns, as I’m sure they are just as great as Bronto! I personally plan on checking her store first whenever I need another ami pattern.

Here’s a final pic of Bronto for your eyes to enjoy, you can almost feel the squish!

That’s all for today, keep on crocheting!


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