The Dragonskin Stitch

The Dragonskin Stitch

Hello Y’all! Let’s skip the “Oh! This is my first post!” thing and just move on, shall we?

Today is all about the Dragonskin Stitch! Thanks a ton to my friend Claire of for allowing me to be the first to post for her Tuesday Tutorials!! This was a lot of fun (and stress!), but I really loved filming the video for the post!

Go check it out! The post links back here for my patterns with the Dragonskin Stitch!

For now, I only have one, but it will soon (hopefully!) be many!! I have a pillow, a cowl, and some fingerless gloves planned!

Without further ado, I present to you: The Dragonskin Beanie!!

This beanie is made with Bernat Velvet yarn, which makes it UBER soft!! I’m in love with this hat, but of course, I can’t wear it because it looks ridiculous on me! (In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a guy) I love soft things, but often I can’t wear them, I look too funny! ;P Don’t worry though! I have some patterns in the works that you guys will love, the gals too!

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy, Ravelry, or my shop here on the blog! It’ll probably show up on the sidebar too. 😉

That’s all for today! Remember to check back to this page for more Dragonskin patterns soon!

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