The Diamond Bliss Collection | Diamond Bliss Stitch

The Diamond Bliss Collection | Diamond Bliss Stitch

This is an ongoing page of all the patterns designed in the Diamond Bliss Stitch!

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What’s the DB stitch?

Well, it’s a stitch pattern I created that uses post stitches to create a raised diamond like the photo below:

This is the unfinished Diamond Bliss Blanket, and the first item to be made with the stitch!

It’s made in Loops and Thread’s Chunky Velvet yarn, which is discontinued! Kinda part of the reason why the blanket remains unfinished!

This yarn is super soft and fluffy, but whoever designed it was an IDIOT! Or has never crocheted/knitted in their life!

Its made of fluffy fibers held between two strings and twisted. That’s it. There’s no cutting or breaking this stuff without burning the ends to keep the yarn from going nuclear! There is fluff EVERYWHERE when working with this junk!

THANKFULLY Michael’s took back the other 40 or so skeins that I bought of it! I did keep all the pink, just so I can eventually finish this blanket… Comment if you have any suggestions for a replacement yarn so I can release the pattern!

You can watch the below video if you want a quick runthrough on how the stitch works!

I named this stitch Diamond Bliss after my mentor and friend Amber Bliss Calderón of BlissThis!

She is the earring QUEEN! Her crocheted earrings are known far and near! She also designs skirts and bags and all sorts of lovely accessories! Check out her Instagram, Etsy, Ravelry, and her Blog!

Anyway, here are the patterns I’ve designed with the stitch!

The Diamond Bliss Pillow

The Diamond Bliss Pillow was the very first (published) Diamond Bliss pattern!

Lion Brand was kind enough to sponsor this design! They sent me this GORGEOUS Go for Faux™ Thick and Quick™ yarn! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! It was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I can’t wait to make more designs in this amazing yarn!

This pillow is SOOO SOFT!! AND SO CUSHY!!! This is the softest pillow you will EVER make!

The Diamond Bliss Hat and Gloves

This set was really fun to make! I used Bernat Softee Chunky, and the diamonds show up better in this yarn than any other I’ve tried! This is a much cheaper super bulky yarn, and LEAGUES ahead of Hometown! (which I hate!)

You can get it from LoveCrafts HERE!

The Diamond Bliss Cowl

The cowl is made in the same yarn, and is basically another part of the gloves and hat set!

It’s surprisingly REALLY comfy! I thought it’d be a bit too scratchy, but Sarah LOVED it!

The Diamond Bliss Blanket Square

This was my attempt at doing the diamond pattern in rows instead of rounds! It worked really well, go read the post to learn more about the square, and the Friendship Blanket CAL!

Crocheting blankets provides a perfect canvas for creative expression. Beyond the traditional stitches, there are endless possibilities to elevate these cozy creations. Incorporating sketches, embroidery, and quilting skills into the designs adds a unique and personal touch.

Imagine a blanket adorned with delicate embroidered flowers or geometric shapes sketched onto its surface. For those with quilting skills, combining crochet squares with fabric patches can result in a stunning fusion of textures.

Quilting Software serves as a valuable tool in learning how to design intricate patterns and ensuring precise measurements. By combining these different techniques, crocheted blankets become more than just warm coverings; they become works of art, reflecting your ingenuity and skill.

I’ll keep adding more patterns as I design them, so make sure to revisit this page if you like what you see!

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