It’s a Virtual Sip n’ Stitch! Come Crochet With Us!

It’s a Virtual Sip n’ Stitch! Come Crochet With Us!

Hello Crochet Friends!!

This stupid pandemic has forcefully kept us all away from each other, with no end in sight!

I had just decided to start my own crochet group in my hometown before lockdown came on, I was so disappointed!

BUT I ended up having to take it virtual and to be honest, it’s way less stressful! I don’t have to worry about finding a meeting spot, or snacks and drinks, or providing extra hooks or yarn, etc. it’s just better all around!

Well. Except for the whole talking in person thing. That bit is missing, but virtual is not too bad!

PLUS its not limited to people in my town! (score!)

SO! The way I have it set up is you click the button or graphic below, and it’ll take you to the Google Meet meeting!

It’s the same one every week, and as long as you are clicking it at the right time, you’ll be instantly transported into the lovely crochet video chat!

Weekly at 3 PM PST on Saturdays!

And 12 PM PST on Wednesdays!

Google Meet is what we are currently working with, but after the end of February, I plan on finding something I can embed in this page to make things easier!

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to let me know, I’d really appreciate it!

Also, there is the occasional language thrown around by a few of the regulars (yes, I’m looking at you, Donna!) so if you have kids hanging near, you might want to put on some headphones!!

I really hope you join us, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new people!


If you want reminders before the meetings, pop into the Facebook Group, and under the Events tab, click “Going”! Then it’ll send you a reminder when we are about to start!

If you haven’t joined the group, I suggest you do! Make sure to answer the membership questions, and we’ll let you in right away!

That’s all for now, see you soon!!


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