Krystal the Crab Advanced Beginner Amigurumi Pattern

Krystal the Crab Advanced Beginner Amigurumi Pattern

Introducing, Krystal the Crab Amigurumi!

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Krystal the Crab is my second most detailed amigurumi pattern to date! While most of my patterns are rated beginner, for Krystal I had to go a couple of steps into the realm of complication…

Not something I do too often, but it was well worth it!

She may look really hard, but you’ll be happy to hear she’s rated Advanced Beginner to Intermediate! Still perfectly achievable for a beginner, but it’ll be a bit of a challenge for some of you!

She is made in LOTS of pieces! More than Cecil the Clown Fish, and that’s saying something! (he is my most detailed pattern!)

She still can be made in about two hours, but that’s probably pushing it. Maybe set aside about three? I’m so used to using Bernat Blanket yarn for everything which makes it really fast for me, so I’m not really sure how long it’ll take you! My testers all had very different times…

Anyway! Krystal the Crab is named after Krystal from EcoMindedStitches!! I was out of red BBY, which is very hard to come by where I live, and she was so kind to send me a skein of red Bernat Blanket yarn she had laying around! I’m very grateful, and I named the Crab ami after her in her honor!

And guess what!? Krystal the Crab has lots of Pals!!

Sylvester the Oyster, Krystal the Crab, Cecil the Clown Fish, Tucker the Turtle, Jane the Jellyfish, and Sammy the Starfish are all included in my very first pattern book: the Under the Sea eBook!

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