Welcome to the Blogging Resources page! This is where I put links to all my tools, services, and courses I use. All opinions are my own!

This page contains affiliate links, which means if you click or make a purchase through one I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Resources are listed A-Z:

Bernat Blanket yarn: This is my absolute favorite yarn, not so much a resource, lol. If you haven’t used it before, get some!!

Blogging 101: This is great for if you’re on the edge signing up for CBA! (below) It’s a great how-to course for crochet blogging basics! It’s made by the same lady, Pam Grice over at Crochetpreneur.com!

BlueHost: My hosting provider! They get a lot of knocks, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences from them! Their customer service is excellent, and I don’t think I’ve had ANY downtime for this site!

Canva: Canva is the graphic design tool I use! This is an amazing tool for ANY type of graphic design, and it’s FREE!

Crochetpreneur Business Academy (CBA): CBA is one of the MAIN blogging resources I used to start my business! It’s a business-building course that’s centered around crochet! Whether you’re a designer or maker or tech editor, this is an amazing course! (Plus the FB group is FANTABULOUS!!)

InShot: This is an AMAZING video editing app! I’m so glad I found this before sinking all my time and energy into learning Premiere Pro! It only takes a little while to learn how to use it, and you can edit everything right on your phone/tablet! It even handles 4k videos like nothing!

MailerLite: This is the Email Service Provider I use, their drag and drop builder is awesome!! Plus you get to use it all for free until you hit 1000 emails!

MiloTree: This is the popup service I use to showcase my YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram! It’s really easy to set up, and quite genius!

Samsung S10e: The phone I have, and I’m very happy with it! I use it for filming and editing all my videos, and it works VERY well!

Tailwind: Tailwind is the scheduling tool I use for Pinterest. This is THE Pinterest tool, if you use Pinterest for business, make sure to check this out!

TubeBuddy: This is the BEST YouTube helper program out there! They have just about every YouTube tool you’ll ever need!

WooCommerce: This is the software I use for my Shop here on the blog! I use it for redirecting to Ravelry, mostly, but you can sell pretty much any type of product with it.

That’s all for now! I’ll be adding more and more blogging resources as I find and use more tools! Also, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot, so I’ll add them as I remember them, lol.